My Profile

My Profile stores your personal and business information both for use within the app, as well as to be displayed for your clients. Sections include:

My Account

Here you can store basic data like your name, phone number, ZIP, email contact, date of birth and more. Your ZIP will be displayed under your portfolio for clients, and your phone number will be used to keep accounts secure, as well as for SMS reminders of appointments. Your email also acts as your login for the app!

Business Address

This is the address of the place you work in. Listing your business address is vital for your clients to be able to know where to go for their appointments. This section will get an update, we will have the option of defining multiple places. Some of you work in more than one place. We know that and we will update the functionality.


The bio will be displayed under your portfolio page. It’s a quick introduction about yourself and can include a message to your clients as well.

Portfolio Pictures

Promote your work by uploading some of your best service results, with up to 12 portfolio slots available. Each picture uploaded will be visible to your prospective clients.


We do have the option of syncing with Google Calendar or another calendar you have as the default calendar on your mobile.

Portfolio Page

You will find your portfolio link under My Profile -> Portfolio Pictures and then you will have View or Share links. The view gives you an easy overview of the page in case changes need to be made, and share makes it easy to share your page via FB, Twitter, Email, SMS, etc.

This is an example of such a page:

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