What is Ring My Stylist?

Ring My Stylist is an Appointment Booking App specifically made for Independent Stylists to effectively manage every aspect of their business with relative ease.

What type of businesses can I manage with Ring My Stylist?

The app is tailored to suit the management needs of each and every Independent Stylists. This includes, but not limited to, Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Skincare Specialist, Nail Artist, Hairdresser, Fashion Designer, Barber, Tattoo Artist, Masseuse, Image Consultant/Stylist, Foot Masseuse, Body Piecer, Manicurist, Eyelash Technician, Photo and Film Stylist and Bridal Make-Up Specialists - whether working independently in salons, renting booths or mainly rendering home services.

What aspects of my business can be managed by Ring My Stylist?

The software solution can be used to manage virtually all areas of your stylist business. These includes; your client base, appointments, services, confirmations, reminders, daily schedule, special offers, referrals, calender sync and lots more!

Is the app available in my language?

Ring My Stylist is available in several languages which includes English, Spanish, Italian as well as Portuguese.

What are the benefits of using Ring My Stylist?

The software solution provides both Stylists and their clients with a wide array of benefits. These includes easy scheduling, ability to send friendly automatic reminders to help reduce no-shows, gain total control over services and pricing, staying organized and professional, provide clients with a convenient online method to reschedule appointments, improve and maintain your high standard of delivery, customize everything to match the look and feel of your business!

Clients can connect directly with their Stylists, view open and past appointments, reschedule appointments with ease, view hair and scalp health history and more simplified solutions to make your everyday hassles a breeze.

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