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Ring My Stylist - More Than Just An Appointment Booking App, It’s Life Made Easy!

Are you an Independent Stylist - Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Skincare Specialist, Nail Artist etc? Do you want to schedule an appointment and connect directly with your stylist with relative ease? Or perhaps you’re just looking to make your stylist business more professional and organized. If yes, then congrats because things just got better! We bring to you a new reason to smile and it’s called - Ring My Stylist!

Ring My Stylist is an appointment booking software solution specially designed to make life easier for all independent stylists and their clients. Possessing a handful of unique features with a beautiful and incredibly user-friendly interface, the groundbreaking app is designed to be a trusted partner for managing all aspects of your business. Whether your stylist business is structured to take payments on the go or at the front desk, Ring My Stylist will help you run and grow!

The Ring My Stylist’s Difference!

With Ring My Stylist, its a first class experience for all! You get to treat each of your clients like a VIP, send friendly automatic reminders to help reduce no-shows, stay organized and professional, provide clients with a convenient online method to reschedule appointments, improve and maintain your high standard of delivery, customize everything to match the look and feel of your business and lots more!

Clients can connect directly with their Stylists, view open and past appointments, reschedule appointments with ease, view hair and scalp health history and more simplified solutions making your everyday hassles a breeze.

Quality Delivery Is Important, But Good Planning & Direct Connection Comes First!

What Ring My Stylist does to your business is simple - it earns you the glorious opportunity to showcase the quality of your services, gain customer’s loyalty and ultimately, grow and expand your business.

About Ring My Stylist

Ring My Stylist is an Appointment Booking Software Solution for Independent Stylists. Organizing a busy business life can prove to be a herculean task especially when there’s only a little time available. Hectic Stylists life with numerous responsibilities require the Ring My Stylist app for careful planning to make sure they run smoothly and without hassles. It is the first app designed to manage every aspect of an Independent Stylist’s business.

  • Your Client Base
  • Appointments
  • Services
  • Confirmations
  • Reminders
  • Daily Schedule
  • Special Offers
  • Referrals
  • Calendar Sync and more!

Every Independent Stylist’s Top Choice!

Ring My Stylist is not only the best, but also the first of its kind. Available in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, Ring My Stylist is made for all! Our solution is unique and specially optimized for Independent Stylists (Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Skincare Specialist, Nail Artist, Hairdresser, Fashion Designer, Barber, Tattoo Artist, Masseuse, Image Consultant/Stylist, Foot Masseuse, Body pierce, Manicurist, Eyelash Technician, Photo and Film Stylist, Bridal Make-Up Specialist, e.t.c.) - people working independently in salons or people renting booths.

We believe in the power of one-to-one connection between stylist and clients!

With all aspects of your business being carefully managed, you get to focus more on what really matters like improving on your services or even taking your dog out for a walk! The app features a full blown, impressive and remarkably user-friendly interface which takes little or no time to get accustomed to. Thereby making life more enjoyable, organized and hassle-free.

For Beauty Pros

  • Seamless Client Management
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Manage Services & Pricing
  • Keep Your Formulas Safe
Ring My StylistRing My Stylist
Ring My Stylist

For Clients

  • Connect Directly With Your Stylist
  • Get Automatic Appointment Reminders
  • View Open and Past Appointments
  • View Your Hair and Scalp Health History


New Beginnings and I am sooo excited!!! Thank you Ring My Stylist!!! The Future is bright and I am so grateful to have this app to begin my journey with!!!
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Christie Wilson

Let me tell you a little bit way I think this app deserves recognition first of all that allows you to keep a professional relationship with your clients. This app allows you to enter information regarding the scalp density thickness fullness color condition of the hair. It also allows you to remember notes. You can take before and after then submit them to your social media. This app places you schedule at their needs. I can put a menu of my services informing the client what I specialize in and the price for his or her hair. Also, like the fact that it allows us to keep a hidden diary of the chemicals used in the client's hair. time, amount used. Two thumbs up!!!!

Ricardo Lizarraga

It's a great app it allows me to be in touch with my clients anywhere I am, providing me with less cancellations, and the best part is that the app is very easy to use, and personalize for your clients plus, client profile and your services, is up to u to create or accept appointments, I love it 100% recommended try it out you won't be disappointed. My whole schedule in the tip of my fingers.

Uriel the Angel of Beauty

I have been using the App for about 8 months now and have seen several updates. No matter what, all of my information has always followed along with each update. That being said I have noticed my cancellations or missed appointments are almost, (almost) zero. I was saved by this app about a week ago. I have a male client that I color his hair and beard. We have worked together to get his color perfect. After about 3 Appointments we got it exactly how he wanted it. He had some personal issues and I hadn’t seen him for about 6 months. Well, guess what, he walks in and I couldn’t find his formula. I didn’t recall him being in this app. I checked to make sure and bam there it was in one of his previous appointments. So just like that I was able to apply his color and he was super happy and I played it off like the pro I am lol. Thank you to whoever put this app together. I love the newsletters too.

Rick B

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