How to Pay for the Services

Are you tired of carrying cash all the time?

Do you often forget your cards at home?

No worries. We have solutions for you. Now you can pay quickly from your mobile phone for your services. Maybe you have to go for an important date, and you need to get your nails done.

What if you don’t have any cash or credit cards at hand? Paying from your cellphone for the services can act as an excellent dealmaker for you.

Ring My Stylist provides the facility to pay from your phone. Once you have booked the appointment or if it’s a walk-in appointment, you can pay through your credit card just by clicking the “charge” option on the app. Next, you can also choose if you would like to give a tip to your stylist. As you add the charges on the app, you will now have to enter your card details such as your card number and your pin code. Your payment will be made.

To learn more about your portable bank account, follow the link for the app

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