Deposits | How to Ensure the Safety for Your Payments?

Are you tired of clients that do not pay?

Do you know clients who pretend they do not like the work, so they don’t pay?

We have found the solution to your problems. We know how some clients scam you and do not pay. To ensure extra safety, you can get an advance deposit for the services you provide.

The clients can choose they want to get their services done from you or not. You can easily add a deposit and cancellation fee on the ring my stylist app. Click on the deposit and cancellation fee option, set your deposit fee to refundable or non-refundable. Then they choose the percentage of the total amount you would like to have as the deposit. Once you have selected these options, click save, and your deposit and cancellation fee is all set.

To enable Deposits, tap MENU, PAYMENTS, and set the payments ON. Link your account to Stripe, and then you can allow Deposits from under the Deposits & Cancellations fees menu.

For Deposits, you can choose a fixed fee or a percent. If you set the deposit at 100%, you will have your payment on ‘auto pilot’: client schedule, pay the 100% deposit, you render your services, and then … you move to the next client.

This tutorial is for Ring My Stylist, Ring My Barber, and Ring My Loctician apps.

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