Difference between hair dresser and stylists

hair dresser and stylists

Both hairdressers and stylists are in line with their career to beautify someone’s hair by fashioning it into a proper hairstyle.



But the difference between stylists and hairdressers is the stylists have to work with short-term contracts which are renewed every time they do a hair make-over. They may be allotted with a particular branch of the salon. A stylist is a person who specializes in the art of hairdressing, as in hairdressing salons or as part of a hair modeling agency.



On the other hand, hairdressers can join a particular salon at their own will. Their contract is also renewed every time they get a new job. A hairdresser is a person who specializes in haircutting and other aspects of hairstyling like applying chemical treatments, in salons or spas.

The only difference between the two is the degree. It is said that a hairdresser at an important point in time becomes a hairstylist and then many other things are added to their profession.


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