Things You Should Tell your Hair Dresser

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People are often pissed on their way back from the hair salon as the experience didn’t go as they expected. The main reason why all this happens is because of the lack of communication between the hairdresser and the customer. To prevent all of the mishaps, here are a few things you should ask or tell your hairdresser before you get anything done.

#1 Bring In Pictures:

The best way to explain to your hairdresser what you are aiming for is to bring in sample pictures with you. This will help you explain what you are looking for in a hairstyle and it will also help the hairdresser understand your requirements and will get the idea if the hairstyle will suit you or not. But you have to be extremely realistic about what you are planning to get. You should pay attention to your hair type and the length and choose a picture accordingly.

#2 Discuss Your Ideas:

As many experts say, communication is the key. You should always discuss your ideas with your hairdresser first and talk about the details of the hairstyle that you are looking for. You should discuss all of the confusing questions that you have in mind and must always talk about the changes that you want to make in the required hairstyle.

#3 Talk About Yourself:

This probably sounds weird to many people but talking about yourself with the hairdresser is the best way to communicate with the hairdresser. You must talk about your likes and dislikes in the hair department, what your style preference is or what your lifestyle is. You should talk about if you are looking for something easy to handle or something head-turning. You should talk about the problems you face because of your hair so that the hairdresser can discuss and suggest options for you.

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#4 Ask For Opinions:

You should always ask the hairdresser for their opinions and what they think is right for you. Even if you have something in mind, you must discuss it with them so that they can suggest any needed suggestions. You should also consider their opinions as they master the art of hairdressing and designing, they would know what is right according to your lifestyle, face shape and hair type. Mixing your ideas with their opinions might even turn into the perfect hairstyle for you.

#5 Don’t Talk In Inches:

People often go for the term inches when they are asking their hairdressers to trim their hair and end up losing a lot of hair. This is because your inches are different than the hair dresser’s inches and they end up confusing your required length to their measurement. To prevent this, you must always put your hand on the place where you want the hairdresser to trim your hair from.

These tips and questions will help you get the best hairstyle and clear all the confusion that you have in mind. Waste no time in booking yourself an appointment with the best hairdressers from We hope that this guide will help you communicate with your hairdresser properly and get the best hairdressing experience.

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