How to Take Proper Care Of Your Nails

Woman's hand with long, sharp nails, with 3D floral pattern, predominantly green

The way you groom yourself plays a huge part in constructing your personality. It is important to take care of your face, hands or generally the entire body to appear cleaner and healthier. As for now, we will be discussing how to take proper care of your nails.

#1 Keep Them Clean And Dry:

It is extremely necessary to keep your nails clean at all times. Any kind of dirt present can not only make your hands look unclean but they also tend to weaken your nails and make them appear yellower than usual. You must always clean with gentle tools and clean every corner, and then dry them properly afterward. Drying your nails is just as important as cleaning them as the extra moisture can result in softer and breakable nails.

Woman's hand with long, sharp nails, floral pattern, with shades of white, red and black

#2 Moisturize Them Well:

Remind yourself to apply a bit of moisturizer to your cuticles as well as your nails when you are putting on any kind of lotion or serum. This will help your cuticles stay strong yet soft and healthy and the topmost layer of your layer will stay safe as well. This will help them grow without any difficulties and look fresher. Massage the moisturizer properly around the nails and let the lotion absorb in well.

#3 Use Gentle Nail Tools:

When you are grooming your nails with a cutter, filer or a tiny pair of scissors, try to choose tools that aren’t too harsh on your nails or your cuticles. They shouldn’t hurt your nails or the skin that surrounds it, so it is better to stay attentive while you are grooming your nails and should use tools that do the job without hurting your nails. Also, you should groom your nails after you take a shower so you can easily trim and file them when they are soft.

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#4 Let The Cuticles Stay:

People often think they should cut off their cuticles to make their nails appear longer and healthier and even the local salons make you think that they should remove your cuticles to help them look beautiful and well-groomed. Well, cutting off your cuticles may help them look longer but in the end, it will end up destroying the health of your nails. Cuticles are kind of a protective layer for the base of your nails and removing them will just weaken your nails.

#5 Try A Base Coat:

If you think that your nails are too soft to stay healthy and break very often, then you should try a base coat and apply it from time to time to keep your nails straight and hard enough to stay in shape. This will help you style them easily and not get too worried about taking care of them too often.

These tips will help you keep your nails healthy and clean which will ultimately make your hands look beautiful and well-groomed. You can even book an appointment with a nail stylist at and get the best nail care experience.

Woman's hand with very long and sharp nails and floral pattern applied on them

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