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On an average day, a stylist will see around 6 clients. This leaves very little time for anything else. You may be able to sneak in a quick snack while a color develops or take a few pics for Instagram but apart from that very little thought is put into marketing and promotion.

We rely heavily on our clients to spread the word for and about us and most accept this role happily. However, if your client is a little shy or wants to keep your little secret then things can get hard.

Firstly being in our app will allow you to be seen by new potential clients who are actively looking for a new stylist. So having an up to date profile with pictures will increase your chances of bookings.

There is also a ‘Refer’ feature.
On the app, there is an icon labeled ‘Refer’, when clicked it can send stylist details via email or to any phone number.

It will send a link for the person to contact you directly via the app ( they will have to install it first, but remember it is FREE for clients).

In a previous blog, we talked about how ‘Ring My Stylist’ made bookings and managing clients easier. Now, when you get referrals they get introduced to your set up immediately.

They are able to have 99% of all of their questions answered without even contacting you. Your availability, services, prices, and portfolio are there for your clients to see.

The great thing is that anyone with the app can refer you. So the next time you bump into a friend or family member, borrow their phone for 5 mins and follow the steps above. (With their permission of course).

This way even your uncle who lost his hair decades ago but has a full contact list can help grow your business!

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