What they don’t teach you in beauty school

What they don't teach you in beauty school

Cosmetology school is a great place to learn your craft. Whether you are a barber, nail tech or esthetician you will develop skills that will be with you for life. However, even after all of your hours of training, there are still some many things to discover. Here are just a few things to consider before you leave and start your career.

1. The hard work starts now

Now that you are qualified the real work begins, this is not the time to relax. Wherever you take your first job, expect to be at the bottom of the food chain. Your client list may be expanding but use any free time to assist others in the salon. Always anticipate their need. Check the appointments and prepare in advance. If the other stylists can depend on you, they will teach you everything they know. Also their clients will trust you and that way you can be the go-to when anyone is unavailable.

2. There are unlimited career paths

New job roles are being created every day. There may be aspects of your job that you love more than others. Try to shadow as many different people in the industry from managers to educators and product developers and all the things in between. Having a feel of all the roles that support yours will give you a better understanding and respect for your peers that will open many doors.

3. You decide how far you go

There is nothing wrong with working on the shop floor for 20 years or winning every award possible. Do not let others dictate the journey or route you take. Success is personal and will look different for everyone.

4. Hard work trumps talent

Even Beyoncé only has 24 hours in a day. She might have a small army behind her now but you can credit her fame and fortune to a lifetime of early starts, sweat, and resilience. You could be the most talented but if you do not put in the effort you will find yourself behind those people who are willing to go the extra mile

5. Attitude is everything

Being a junior or apprentice can mean you get stuck with the menial tasks, which let’s be honest is no fun. However, the way you carry yourself can set you apart. When I started as a shampoo girl, I would keep myself busy. If the salon was quiet, I cleaned. If it was busy I helped out anyone who was running behind. Make it a point to talk to clients and introduce yourself. Be attentive and anticipate people’s needs. There is always someone watching, so work with a smile.

6. Social media can make or break you

Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and great places to network, learn and promote yourself. If you are likely to share more personal experiences, keep your business profile separate and your own private. While a feel non-work posts are fine, it is very easy to cause offense or portray the wrong image. What goes on the internet is VERY hard to control, make sure you go viral for the right reasons.

Wherever you end up having access to your client information is key. Use the Ring my Stylist app to not only build your client list but manage bookings and keep a detailed service history.

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