Top 5 Acne Treatments According To Skin Specialists

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Acne is a problem we all deal with at one point in our lives or another, but it’s only a fact that some people have it worse than the rest.

Have you ever been in the situation that no matter how much water you drink or how expensive your acne-treating creams are, it never seems to work? Well, if so, we can totally understand.

Skin is a pretty sensitive thing to deal with since it’s a major part of your appearance, which is why you should only rely on the opinions and recommendations of certified dermatologists and skin specialists when it comes to treating your acne.

Here are the top 5 acne treatments according to the most expert skin specialists:

#1 Salicylic Acid:

Not only does it have anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce the amount of inflamed cystic breakouts in your skin, but salicylic acid is also highly recommended by skin specialists due to the fact that it dissolves excess oils in your skin and exfoliates away dead skin cells, both of which are major causes of acne.

#2 Glycolic Acid:

Also known for exfoliating your skin to reduce acne, glycolic acid is another dermatologist-recommended acne treatment as it unclogs your pores, extracting out the unneeded oils and dead skin cells that are the main reason behind regular acne. A moderate way to treat your acne with glycolic acid is by using 50% peels, moisturizers, washes, or serums.

#3 Retinol:

Recommended by board-certified dermatologist Rita Linkner, retinol is a slow yet efficient way to get rid of acne due to the vitamin A present and the anti-inflammatory properties of retinoids. “I find that, compared to other treatments, they are beneficial for not just treating acne but also preventing new acne from forming as they help prevent that initial stage of the follicle getting clogged,” says the skin specialist.

#4 Benzoyl Peroxide:

Due to its antibacterial properties, benzoyl peroxide gets rid of P. acne, which is the bacteria that cause your skin to break out in the first place. According to board-certified dermatologist Eric Meinhardt, benzoyl peroxide is best received in 2% products as any more could be too harsh on your skin.

#5 Cortisone Shot:

A cortisone shot is a temporary and fast treatment for your acne in case you’re looking for an immediate and quick fix. Dr. Linkner suggests going to “someone who knows what they’re doing” since high doses of cortisone can have its own negative side effects. Best at reducing cystic breakouts and hormonal flare-ups, this quick treatment will make your acne disappears in just 24 to 48 hours.


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