The hottest beauty trends of 2022

Hottest Beauty Trends

The beauty industry is always evolving and adapting to new trends. There have been some big changes in beauty trends over the last 10 years. From 5 years ago, many of these trends haven’t fully evolved yet; however, they are taking shape. Here are 5 hottest beauty trends for 2022

  1. Wild hair colors from neon pinks to deep purple
  2. Bigger, brighter eyes with a lot of shimmers
  3. Smaller, rounder, poutier lips
  4. Perfectly toned bodies with a six-pack as the standard
  5. Clothing that is see-through but covers everything.


2022 will be all about enhancing your natural beauty. You’ll need to eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables, get 20 minutes of exercise, and get 30 minutes of sleep a day. This diet will not only help you have a better appearance, but it will also boost your energy and health!


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