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K’Asha Torelli | Esthetician

Suite Six Wax & Vspa


Once you book an appointment, it WILL NOT be confirmed until a $20 deposit is paid. U can choose to have a card on file or send via CASHAPP $Kashalin. The deposit will be applied to your service unless you cancel last minute or No Show. Booked or not, NO DEPOSIT NO APPOINTMENT. Please Allow 2 weeks after a shave/nair to get waxed, do not trim. Exfoliate & moisturize to prep your skin for the service. God Bless you & See you Soon!!


  • Cura Body Balm
    Seal the deal with this double butter body balm, it’s extremely hydrating and has healing properties that aid with skin irritation, ingrowns, eczema, rash, extreme wind or cold. Can be used all over
    $12 and up, 5
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  • Kingdom Bars
    Unisex Yoni Bar Lightens Dark Spots , Clears skin congestion ,Tones Complexion, Balance ph , rid odor & bacteria
    $12 and up, 5
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  • Yoni Starburst Bar
    Yoni bars are designed especially for your vag. They tighten, balance pH, rid odor, yeast and bacteria. Starburst Bar also Enhances your mood, increases urges and gets your juices flowing!!
    $12 and up, 5
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  • Yoni Goddess Bar
    Balance your pH, Tighten, lightens heavy blood flow, ease cramps & shortens period all while saying goodbye to odor, yeast, and bacteria. DO NOT use if pregnant.
    $12 and up, 5
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  • Brown Sugar Body Scrub 8oz
    Infused With Fresh Lavender & Roman Chamomile. Resurfaces lifeless skin cells leaving skin glowing, feeling smooth and hydrated.
    $12 and up, 5
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  • Goddess Oil Travel Size 2oz
    $8 and up, 5
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  • Dr Bump Ingrown Hair Treatment.
    Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid helps eliminate dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, the main reason of ingrown hair occurrence , Treats Skin Irritation & Balances Complexion
    $20 and up, 5
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  • Rescheduling/ No Show Fee
    If you reschedule within 2 hours of your appt., your $20 deposit WILL NOT be applied to your service. It will be taken AND a new deposit must be made towards your next service. If you NO SHOW, you’ll be charged 50% of whatever services you’re booked for.
    $20 and up, 5
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    Extended area outside the bikini line
    $10 and up, 5
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    Quick & Easy Clean up, Can be added on to any wax service. Please DO NOT Shave/Nair/Trim prior to service. Allow 2 weeks after any Shave/Nair to get waxed. Exfoliate underarm & come in without deodorant prior to this service.
    $15 and up, 15
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    Perfect add on to any Bikini service!!
    $5 and up, 10
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    $25 and up, 30
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    The only Bikini service that can be done with undergarments on. DOES NOT Include Butt Strip. Please exfoliate to prep for the service.
    $35 and up, 30
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    Bikini Line Wax Plus Butt Strip. Please exfoliate Bikini Line area to prep for the service.
    $40 and up, 30
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    Includes Bikini Line and Full Front DOES NOT Include Butt Strip. Choice to leave a strip or not . Please exfoliate Bikini area to prep for the service.
    $55 and up, 30
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    Include Bikini Line, Full Front & Butt Strip. Choice to leave a strip or not. Please DO NOT SHAVE/TRIM PROIR TO SERVICE. Please allow 2 weeks after a shave/nairing for the hair to grow long enough (1/4inch) Exfoliate Bikini area to prep for the service
    $50 and up, 30
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    Includes Bikini Line, Full Front & Butt Strip. Choice to leave a strip or not. Please DO NOT SHAVE/TRIM PROIR TO SERVICE. Please allow 2 weeks after a shave/nairing for the hair to grow long enough (1/4inch) Exfoliate Bikini area to prep for the service.
    $60 and up, 30
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    Includes Butt Strip. Please DO NOT SHAVE/TRIM PROIR TO SERVICE. Please allow 2 weeks after a shave/nairing for the hair to grow long enough (1/4inch) Exfoliate area to prep for the service.
    $40 and up, 30
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    Includes knees and toes. Please don’t not shave/ Nair for at least 2 weeks. Hair must be 1/4th inch. Exfoliate to prep skin for service. Last 2-3 weeks
    $75 and up, 30
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    Last 2-4 weeks. Please exfoliate before the service to achieve best results
    $150 and up, 60
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    Please DO NOT SHAVE/TRIM PROIR TO SERVICE. Please allow 2 weeks after a shave/nairing for the hair to grow long enough (1/4inch) Exfoliate Bikini area to prep for the service.
    $50 and up, 30
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    Please DO NOT SHAVE/TRIM PROIR TO SERVICE. Please allow 2 weeks after a shave/nairing for the hair to grow long enough (1/4inch) Exfoliate area to prep for the service.
    $60 and up, 30
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    $30 and up, 30
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    Brows, Nose, Cheeks, Sideburn, Lip, Chin & Neck Line
    $45 and up, 30
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  • HydroJelly Mask
    Whether you need extra attention to dark spots & skin congestion or just some extra hydration & pampering this Hydrating Post Wax Treatment is the perfect remedy. There’s a variety to choose from to suit your need
    $15 and up, 15
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    Helps Clear Inflammation Congestion, Irritation, & Ingrown’s On Your Vag. Helps Lighten & Balance Skin Tone, Eliminates Toxins & Restores Hydration. Choice Of Mask & Aromatherapy • Whitening Cream Optional
    $50 and up, 30
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  • Extraction
    Post wax add on that includes tweezing and the removal of ingrown hairs. Can be added on to any body wax service
    $20 and up, 15
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    Treat or pamper your Vag with your choice of HydroJelly Mask. Upgrade from Pearl Mask. infused with polysaccharides that enhances skins barrier function & retain moisture. High in antioxidants, AHA’s, BHA’s, Evens skin tone, Brightens & Revitalizes
    $60 and up, 30
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Working Hours

  • sunday
  • monday
  • tuesday
    03:00 PM - 07:00 PM
  • wednesday
    03:00 PM - 07:00 PM
  • thursday
    09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  • friday
    09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  • saturday
    12:00 PM - 06:00 PM
62 Review(s)

In Love

Got my first wax today was amazing attentive and informative relaxing clean and comfortable environment love her products sold also definitely recommended

excellent 1st time getting Brazilian wax

I'm in LOVE

K'Asha is amazing, this was my first time being waxed and she explained everything to me step by step. She made me feel very comfortable and now I will be a life time customer.

She was amazing!! She fully explained everything that has happening during my Brazilian. She was very welcoming and super nice. She fully explained all of her products. She really made sure I felt comfortable and happy with my experience. ❤️

Great everytime not only does she make you feel comfortable but her customer service is amazing as well .

K'Asha is incredible! I've never felt more comfortable, nor have I had such an enjoyable experience for any grooming/self care appointment. It can be daunting doing something that involves such an intimate and personal area, but meeting and speaking to K'Asha instantly felt like catching up with a friend. She is beyond educated in her craft, offers great advice to help address your specific needs, and truly cares about her clients. She also makes her own products (I am half convinced she's a wizard) and the Black Girl Magic she radiates is inspiring. She's killing the game, and I have found my forever Esthetician!! Couldn't be happier, my friends and I adore her, and I recommend everyone book with her for an amazing experience :)

Amazing! K’Asha talked me through my wax because I haven’t gotten one in a while(whew) Super sweet & professional. All around a wonderful experience. I HIGHLY recommend.

The service goes above and beyond my expectations every time.

This was my first time getting a Brazilian wax and I couldn’t have had a better experience! K’ashalin was so warm, welcoming, and professional. She explained to me the process and results, she made me feel so comfortable. I bought all of her after care products and I swear I felt like a brand new Bugatti after my first use, my skin has never felt better! I am so happy with this entire experience, she is amazing and so are her products!

BEST WAXER AROUND! Two years ago I went to K’Asha for my eyebrows. Absolutely slayed them🤩 A few months later I worked up the courage to get a Brazilian because she made me feel so comfortable. Life changing!!! Haven’t gone to anyone else since! If I can give her a trillion stars I would ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

She Amazing Service Is Perfect Everytimee !

I had a great experience. I was comfortable and reassured that it wouldn’t be as painful as I was thinking.

This was the best waxing I’ve ever had. Clean, organized, and a gentle touch. No stickiness or residue feelings after the work was finished. I’ll be back for sure!

Great experience! I was on the search for a new esthetician and I found her ! K’asha completed a Brazilian wax service for me and she is amazing. Great customer service and most definitely easy to book. Look no further ladies/gents 😊

The best out

Literally she is the only person that can ever do my wax.

K’Asha always takes care of me! I’ve been going to her for years now and can’t imagine anyone else doing as great a job as she does every time!!

Amazing experience!! It was my first waxing she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She is very knowledgeable and her products are amazing!!!!!

Love her life

.The atmosphere is relaxing . She is so amazing. She make you extremely comfortable with her service .highly recommend

Love my K'Asha !!

Thank you for another wonderful experience that makes me feeling fresh and beautiful!! You're the best!!

She is wonderful!!!

I loved the setting and atmosphere and k’Asha is the sweetest waxer ever! very professional, she makes you feel comfortable. I will definitely be coming back, thanks for the great service 🥰

Excellent Service

The best wax service I’ve ever had!


I had such a calm and relaxing experience

Always great energy! But i loved the Kingdom bar soap! OMG! Amazing!

Best waxer! Only person I let wax me, she the best of the best

Brazilian wax

Great waxing experience also makes you feel so comfortable and takes her time

Great Service

First time waxer. Had an amazing experience. Will be booking again!

Great Service

First time waxer. Had an amazing experience. Will be booking again!

She is amazing!!

The positive energy and vibe from this woman is astonishing from the moment you meet her. For something you may be self conscious about at first, she puts you at ease instantly! Her spot is intimate, clean and professional. Do this for yourself! You will be 100% satisfied!

Amazing I love it there 🥰

For that to be my first wax ever it actually wasn’t that bad, on a scale 1-10 I would say it was like a 5-6. She kept a conversation going so I wasn’t really focused on the actual wax lol ! She’s so sweet and very comforting, I would highly recommend K’Asha 💜 I purchased a yoni bar & her roll on treatment can’t wait to see results also can’t wait for my next wax !

Another Great Appointment

Beyond happy with my service. The atmosphere was inviting, calm and clean! She will keep my business. The Yoni Bar is a MUST buy!! 😉😁😁

Absolutely the best! She always so patient & kind. I will never go to anybody else, she makes me feel so comfortable.


She was careful and considerate Easy to talk to Quick process Yoni bar really WORKS!! Like my man couldn’t even fit it in! Her products actually work! Asia the truth


She is amazing !!!!!!

First Time wax

She made me feel comfortable and it wasn’t that bad of a wax. I will continue to go to her.

Amazing as always.

I’ve been seeing K’Asha for about 4-5 years now, never had a bad experience. She is amazing at what does and she always makes you feel relaxed and welcome!


I loved it

5 Stars!!

A first timer, but I will definitely return. The setup was clean and inviting, and she talked me through the process. Never thought I'd have fun getting a waxing done!!

Best wax ever!!!!

I’ve been going to K’Asha for almost a year, and she does an amazing job! She’s very professional

Simply amazing

From start to finish it’s such a chill relaxing & professional vibe. I’ll always recommend her too anyone who ask:)

First Time Brazilian Wax

My experience was great , excellent customer service & excellent service , made me feel very comfortable & i will recommend SuiteSix W&F to everyone

Best wax service EVER!

I love my wax lady!! She makes you feel super comfortable, very efficient and makes sure your satisfied with the service. She finds ways to minimize the pain and ensures comfort throughout the whole process.

Eyebrows and tint

As always an phenomenal job ! Always makes me feel comfortable and love our conversations !! Ever since May I haven’t let anyone touch my Face can’t wait for my Brazilian !

Colleen Cox

GREAT JOB❤️❤️❤️❤️


Very professional and will make you feel comfortable an amazing soul and vibe ❣

Brow wax and tint

This studio is the real deal i have been seeing her for years and i will not have my brows done by anyone else. I have tried the facial services as well and all around a million stars if you need somewhere that will make you feel at home this is it!

Love it here

The best wax ever ! And her convo is even better ! Such a sweet person and so comforting


I love her energy she makes me feel so comfortable every time . Really love how she has so many products and scrubs , Tori is the best .

Definitely Going Back!!!

She made my first wax such a memorable experience! The nerves and anxiety is overwhelming, but having someone talk you through it and breakdown the process is great. I appreciated the constant talking and her telling me exactly what to expect and do for aftercare.

Best aesthetician ever!!!!

She’s better than the European wax center!!!! So comforting and gentle! ❤️❤️❤️

Brazilian Wax

So Professional & Caring, Really A Relaxing Time Being There.

Best wax ever!

First time? Go to her!!!

Brazilian wax

I love her work she’s very gentle and does not do a rush job i am always satisfied with my results

Brazilian Wax & Vagicial

She was very professional and sweet, she made me feel so comfortable during my service. She was very informative on not only the aftercare for my wax but also prepping for upcoming waxes. I can’t wait for my future appointments, overall a great experience !!


K’asha is the bomb and i don’t want anybody else waxing me but her..i definitely recommend her..nice clean comfortable environment

Brazilian Wax

She made me feel amazing ! Talked me through the whole process as well as aftercare . Very sweet & knowledgeable ! Definitely will be returning .

She is amazing.

I absolutely love her! She is always on point and always does an amazing job. I can’t imagine going to anyone else.

Full face Brazilian

Amazing service as always. k’asha is so amazing at what she does. My favorite part about my visits with her are her skin care tips. She’s always professional while still making me feel at home.

Brazilian and underarm

I found K’Asha through Snapchat. I saw many people mentioning and tagging her so I decided to add her. Messaging back and forth, she is professional and and very welcoming. The service was amazing. Using the charcoal wax feels A LOT better on the skin than regular hard wax that is usually used. While this isn’t my first wax ever before, she talked me through the entire service and gave a lot of helpful tips. Already booked my next appointment! She now has a new returning client!


I found K’Asha through a friend and when I say I will only go to her for all my services. I mean that. She made me feel so comfortable and she is amazing..I will recommend her to any and everyone I know.


Omg I have fallen in love with K’Asha at Suite Six!!!!! I found her on SnapChat, I kept seeing her mentioned so I finally followed her to see what the hype was about. I booked for a Brazilian wax and first off her prices are totally affordable, and when you get there, there’s a couple other businesses there too. A barbershop, tattoo parlor , a jeweler and I think I saw a recording studio in there too!? Lol but anyway she did an awesome job, very clean and sanitary, she didn’t double dip or make me feel uncomfortable in any way and I was in and out in about 20 minutes or so. I’d recommend her to everyone who’s looking to get waxed!! She’s amazing and she has discounts if you bring friends to get waxed with you!!!!


I always feel so at home whenever I go to kasha. The environment is sooo clean and welcoming. I Recommend her to everyone!!!!
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