Retail for stylists who hate selling

Retail for stylists who hate selling

Selling or promoting products is a staple in the beauty industry but ignites fear in the hearts of many. Most people enter the profession for the love of their art and would rather not add anything else to their clients’ final bill. All will attest to the importance of using the correct and high-quality products but don’t want to come across as a used car salesman. Even something as simple as adding a treatment to a service which in our opinion should be compulsory during a color or chemical

Tips to try

1. Place the products you use to create a style in front of the client

There is a reason why candy is placed next to the checkout, it is because retailers know that at the last minute your resolve is very low and you are likely to make an impulse buy. Having great displays will do most of the work for you. Your clients are likely to gravitate towards the products and ask you questions.

If you place 2 or 3 products on your section while you blow-dry, naturally the client will observe and engage with you. Which leads directly to the next point

2. Explain how they can make the style last

Everyone wants to know how to recreate the salon feel at home. What separates a good stylist from a great stylist is going the extra mile. Take the time to demonstrate how to use each product. You will be surprised how many people use the simplest of things wrong ie putting conditioner on their roots. Giving you client simple hacks for each product and style will not keep them out of the salon longer but build a rapport and help them to trust you so they keep coming back and tell all of their friends.

3. Sell your knowledge

If you still feel icky about selling, change your perspective. As mentioned we know the difference a professional product makes which is why we select only the best. Explain this to your client. Of course, some will say that high street brands work just as well but really dig deep into your product training. Get to know the science of how each product works. For example, if you use Olaplex or a bond builder really gets to the heart of how they improve the hair structure and the benefits. When you make people realize how they are actually investing rather than splurging on luxury things get easier.

4. Have one essential

There is always one thing you wish your clients would do to keep their hair healthy or maintain their style. If you present 2 or 3 options always highlight one that MUST be a part of their regime. It is a win-win situation. You sell retail but get your client to take better care of services. At the next appointment always follow up to ask if they see or feel a difference. Don’t let negative feedback hinder you. If it didn’t work for them to find out why and suggest an alternative or check they are using it correctly. Even if it takes 2 or 3 tries once they find the ‘right’ product you know they will keep on making purchases.

5. Do the math

At the end of the day, retail makes a huge difference to your bottom line. As an independent the startup fee to carry a reputable product line can seem out of reach but if you can develop relationships with distributors or pool resources with other stylists the cost is so worth it. If you need help purchasing products or selling retail get in touch with us as we are currently developing a service to help you get started.

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