Must Have Beauty products to beat the heat

Beauty products to beat the heat

In summers, it really gets hard to keep calm when there is 40 degrees Celsius outside and everything is just on the verge of melting down. In such weather, the last thing anybody wants to do is to plaster their face with heaps full of makeup, because ironically too many people that seem to be the solution for streaky makeup lines, sunburnt skin, and bad lifestyle choices. Fret no more, because we have lined up a list of beauty products that will ACTUALLY help you get through the harsh summers in a graceful manner.

1. Beauty blender blotterazi

In summers, you can’t possibly expect to be seat free, unless you are made of plastic ( which by the way also melts away in temperatures above 50) so get your make up look stay as strong and stable as it did when you were still sitting in front of your vanity mirror by the help of beauty blender blotting sponge – not only are they amazing at what they do but portable too, just pop them in your bag and take them out to blot away the oil whenever and wherever you need to.

2. Anti Frizz Sheets

Humidity in the air steals away the moisture from your hair which means unmanageable, tangled frizzy hair. Getting some pocket-friendly anti-frizz sheets that contain hints of coconut oil will help you get through the day by with an impeccable low maintenance hairstyle like a pro.

3. Prime that sweats away

Do you know why people swear by primers during summers? Because they simply hide away our open pores that look really unappealing when left just like that and make it even harder to apply makeup. To hide them away in a jiffy with a high-end primer that will blot away the oil from your oily skin regions like chin, nose, forehead, etc and give you a flawless finish.

4. Hydrating Mist

While you can purchase these bottles of hydrating formulae that will keep your skin fresh and moisturized during the hot weather, you can always opt for some DIY sprays for hydrating yourself; the best one being the mixture of rose water and spring water – fill it up in a spray bottle and let the magic happen. It is refreshing and that we all know, but did you know that it clears up your complexion as well? You do now! So rush away!

5. Clean up pencil
Now this one of those killer tools that you really need to have to rescue you from all makeup malfunctions that occur due to heat, smudged eyeliner and mascara are now a worry of yesterday.

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