Independent Stylist Vs. Big Salons


The hair industry has the ability to remain stable regardless of the economic climate. Even though most of our customers may be feeling the pinch, that will usually not make them want to cut or style their own hair. However, business owners have had to adapt which meant moving from having regular employees to booth or commission structures. This means that the individual stylist has to become savvier in self-promotion and maintaining a regular income.

The onset of social media has really allowed for stylists to showcase their work to a much wider audience than was possible ever before. Gone are the days of handing out flyers and business cards, now a relevant hashtag can put you in front of potential customers with hardly any effort.

The playing field has been leveled as everybody has the same opportunity to shine. Whether you are in a small town and a 3 chair salon or a 4000 sq ft luxury salon on Rodeo Drive, you now have the same ability for promotion and becoming an industry leader.

Salons used to have to spend top dollar on marketing and promotion but the individual stylist can get the same effect using apps that are free or cost less than a Starbucks coffee. Not sure how to create a look, there are thousands of tutorials on Youtube to help make all of your clients dreams come true.

With a little imagination, the small independent stylist can game fame, fortune, and notoriety, albeit with some effort. If you constantly work on perfecting your craft and creating content that will be sharable on social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, you will not only increase earning potential but will gain valuable knowledge along the way. As an independent you are in full control of where you take your career, it doesn’t have to be limited to running a full column or training junior staff.

Going it alone can be daunting but using apps like Ring My stylist allows you to easily manage your client list and bookings. You can decide which services you want to offer and the price for each so clients can book quickly with as little input from you. All you then need to do is confirm, we even send out reminders so you can focus on provided the best service possible. It allows you to store client information such as colour formulas and pictures, that way if for any reason you move, those details are always with you.

Increasing your exposure along side using effective tools makes clients comeback time after time, you want to make sure the transition from discovery to booking is as seamless as possible, a delayed text or call back can put of potential customers in this world of instant everything.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up today and take charge of your business.

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