How To Survive In A Salon Full Of Independent Stylists

Independent Stylist

It is becoming more and more common for salons to move away from the traditional route of employing stylists and now focusing on filling the space with self-employed, with Independent Stylists. There are many pros and cons to this business model but companies like Sola Salon and the Salon Republic are showing just how to do it. Essentially they are no longer focusing on beauty services but in providing prime real estate and the environment needed to create a luxury salon feel. This may be as a large cohesive shop or individual units which all practitioners run however they see fit.

It was only a matter of time before this became widespread as we have seen this used by others such as Uber, where the owners only provide a platform for service to be carried out. It takes the worry out of the business owners hands as they never have to worry about quiet periods, client retention or paying wages. Those fears do not disappear they just get passed on to the stylist.

Running a business is not for the faint-hearted and doing so when your ‘competition’ is literally standing next to you, sounds like complete madness. This is all a matter of perspective.

Working alongside other stylists will actually push you to do better, it keeps you motivated when you know that your client may be looking around so you need to stay on top of your game.

There is an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. However long you have been in the industry, you are always bound to find someone who does the same thing as you in a completely different way. It may be a simple trick that can reduce service time or generally help you to improve your skillset.

Being an Independent Stylist can get very lonely so you gain a community of people who understand you. Having a support system makes the bad days seem insignificant and the good day shine even brighter.

You get access to products and tools that may have been too expensive to acquire alone. There is power in numbers so working in a big Salon, even as an independent, means that you can try out the latest products as you don’t always have to make the financial investment alone.

If you are lucky enough to find a great salon then do your best to stay as a good working environment is a cornerstone of running a successful business.

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Some of the stress that comes with being an independent stylist can easily be managed by using the Ring My Stylist app. Without leaving your chair, you will be visible to hundreds or thousands of potential clients in your area who can not only see you but can book at the touch of a button. It is like having your own personal receptionist. You are fully in control of your column and can even maintain and record client notes. So in the event, you end up moving, which is actually very common ( the beauty industry has the highest turnover only coming second to food and customer service) you don’t need to worry about starting from scratch as you have your client list and full-service history.

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