How to Make Your Makeup Clients Keep Coming Back to You

Clients Keep Coming Back to You

Makeup is an art and like all art-related careers, keeping clients happy is an important part of the job and while it may not be easy, you have to try your best to do so in order to turn your clients into regular ones. Here are a few tips to help you retain your clients:

#1 – Give your customers royal treatment and make them feel like they matter more than anything else to you.

Everybody loves the royal treatment, EVERYBODY! Therefore, when you give your customers royal treatment, they are more likely to come back to you and they are more likely to refer other people to you. So, how do you make your customers feel like they are on top of their world? It’s actually pretty simple. Make sure they’re comfortable the whole time and attend to their needs. This includes serving them hot coffee in the cold weather or cold coffee in the hot weather, asking them repeatedly whether or not they feel comfortable, and when you are done adorning their faces with makeup, asking them whether or not you need to make any changes to the makeup you’ve put on.

#2 – NEVER make customers wait!

They hate it. They feel worthless when they are made to wait. Even if you are the most high-end salon in your neighborhood with the best reputation, making customers wait for too long will take them away from you. Their time is precious, just like yours and you need to convey it to them that you are well aware of this. Do not book more people than you can accommodate in a single day and do not ask them to come hours before their appointment. Even if you do have to make them wait for a short period, make sure you keep them comfortable with tea or any other refreshments.

#3 – Gain their trust by listening to them.

We’ve all been to a makeup artist who puts on something we’ve specifically asked them not to. So, if your client does not want winged eyeliner, please do not put on winged eyeliner for them no matter how much you think it will suit them. At the end of the day, doing this will only make them furious and they might never come back to you.

#4 – Keep an interest in a customer’s personal life if they tell you anything about it.

Let them know you actually care about them beyond the job. Keep checks on your client and keep asking them how they are. It’s okay to go out of your way to do things for someone sometimes, so if you get a chance to help your customer in any personal matter, provided you can do it comfortably, you should do so.

These were just a few of the tips to keep your clients coming back. Other than that, of course, you also have to be an amazing makeup artist who uses the highest quality products out there!

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