How to Communicate with Your Barber

How to communicate with your barber

Imagine a scenario in which you happily enter a barber salon to get your haircut done in order to flaunt them in the upcoming party but as soon as you get there, you are stuck in a confusing situation of articulating what you want in your new hairstyle.

You gave slight guidance of how your hairstyle should be and barber ends up ruining the perfect feature of your body that is your beautiful “HAIR”.

All the absolute disappointment you will be facing will be mostly due to your poor communication.

The vast majority of people, who visit barber, don’t know how to navigate the communication with the hairstylist. Lack of knowledge of jargon terms ends up leading to have a pathetic experience with the barber.

Calm the nerves down because you are at the right lodging for learning the ideal way of communicating with your barber. Let us have a look at a guide for communicating.


Have you heard communication is the key to success?

Having a general conversion like when you had your last trimming done and what are your preferences in styling hair, gives barber an idea about either you are preferring modern style or vintage style for your haircut.

You can likewise ask for barber suggestions of what might suit your face.


Nothing can be perfect than conveying what you have in your mind through pictures.

Visualize what you want to do with your hair, search for the model that fits your visualization and search for the pictures in the latest magazine. Then show it your barber and tell which parts you want him to copy and in which parts variation is allowed.

Don’t forget the fact that your head size and shape are different from other human beings, therefore, you have to discuss with your barber about what will look decent on your head.


Acquiring the jargon terms of haircutting is fundamental to speak without hesitation. Having a precise knowledge about clipper guard numbers, neckline tapers, and length categories are vital to have a decisive and classic communication with your stylist.

For instance, to have a messy touch to your hair look you can use the jargon choppy and layered style with your barber.  Furthermore, you can discuss which cut you don’t like on your head and what are the difficulties you are facing regarding hair fall these days.

Has the hair become too thin? Or are you facing extreme hair fall? Discuss it with your barber to get a practical solution. That is all you have to know for interacting with the barber.

The barber industry is an enormous business industry. No barber wants you to get disheartened from the services they are providing.

They also want you to look alluring to not lose clients. More clearly your communication is, the better the haircut you will get. Some haircut requires product usage for following up the style.

Don’t forget to ask for product suggestions and daily hair care routines for better hair. Lastly, always opt for those hairdos that are manageable within your daily routine.

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