Easy Tricks To Get Your Brows On Point

Get Your Brows On Point

While a lot of people don’t get to hit the genetic lottery, it is still possible for them to have thicker, fuller, and perfectly defined brows with the help of few easy tricks – which if followed to the T can even reach a point that you might even embarrass Cara Delavigne!

Let’s get started!

1. Filling in with Flick Motion

Remember that whenever you are trying to fill in your brows, you are basically trying to elude people into believing that you have hair in places that you are filling in and not merely powder or pencil strokes. So to achieve the perfect hair like an illusion, use the flicking motion of hand which with every stroke would mimic tiny hair. Make sure you follow the same trail as your natural brow hair has to achieve the perfect full brow.

2. Keep The End Of Your In Check

Do not overextend your natural brow! Keep the tail of your brow in check when you are doing your brows so you can ideally shape them without creating a droopy effect. Keeping a check of the tail of your brow helps in lifting up face with a perfectly proportionate brow. To figure out where your brow should end, diagonally align your brow pencil to your nostrils and the side of your eye, wherever it hits the brow bone that is your endpoint or tail.

Before and after eyebrows correction

3. Shape your brows

Unruly and scattered brows are in but un-groomed bushes aren’t. Take out time for yourself, f you can’t afford going to an expert, it is okay you don’t have to because all you really need is a brow brush, a pair tweezers and maybe a pair of scissors if your brows are really overgrown. Now brush your brows in the direction of hair growth, after doing that decide which part has more hair, because that is where you will start shaping your brow from. Tweeze away any stray hair that falls outside the shape.

4. Bald spots? Sparse spots?

We all have fallen victim to over-plucking and over shaping our brows, it’s okay really! Just fill those spots with the help of brow powder using an angled brush and you are good to go.

5. Concealer instead of Highlighter

While this might look obnoxious to some conventional MUAs but for beginners and people who prefer subtle look adding highlighter over and under the brow bone gives a very sharp and edgy outlook – which of course looks made up. Go for concealer instead, it would smoothen up the look and make you feel a little less sharp-edged.

Before and after eyebrows correction

That’s about it folks. However, the clichéd trick is the one that you already know: use castor oil to grow more hair than filling in your brows with cosmetic products. But that takes both time and patience – and diligence as well. Use the trick that you find convenient and let us know how it worked out for you!

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