5 Tips for Success when Renting Salon Space

5 Tips for Success when Renting Salon Space

Are you ready to strike out on your own and rent salon space? It’s an exciting venture to embark on, but you should plan ahead before taking the plunge. Here are our top tips to help you hit the ground running and be an instant success on your own.

1. Make sure your client list is strong
Before going solo, you should have no less than 60 active clients. That’s on the low-end though. Doing this full-time, you should try to have 250 clients before you rent your own salon space. If this is your dream, keep building that roster. Use your social media connections and build a following on Instagram too. When people see what you can do with hair (think before and after photos), you’ll draw in even more clientele.

2. Consider your competitive edge
In addition to getting your social media marketing game going, you should think about what sets you apart from other stylists. If you have a service specialty, this is the key to standing out from your competition. Things like color correction or knowing how to carry out the latest beauty trends will translate into greater success.

3. Think about how much you’ll charge
When you rent your own salon space, you’re going to have other expenses (more on that in a minute) that you’ll need to cover. Don’t attempt to make up for them by charging the loyal clients that follow you to your new space more money. In time, you can consider upping your fees but doing so now will turn clients away and destroy what you’re trying to build up.

4. Calculate your expenses
Your rental fees and inventory are the two biggest expenses you’ll have, but there are many more to consider too like insurance, furniture, décor, signage, phone, internet, and electric, to name a few. Make sure you can handle these things even if things are off to a slow start.

5. Choose location wisely
As with anything, location is everything. If your heart is set on a salon suite that overlooks the ocean, be prepared to pay a hefty rent. You should also think about how far it is from where you’ve currently been styling. If it’s too far, your client may look for someone else no matter how much they adore you because it’s too much of a strain to make the journey to your new space.

Don’t forget you can use the Ring My Stylist app to help you connect with the kind of people who need your services. Get all your ducks in a row before you move in and use these tips to help you build your styling success!

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