10 Hairstyles for Men You Should Show Your Barber for a Fresher Look This Year

Hairstyles for Men

A properly suiting hairstyle can turn an average guy into a stylish character and make them appear fashionable. The hairstyle plays a huge part in making a man’s personality, as the right hairstyle can entirely upgrade your look; the wrong one can make you look a little careless and does not sit well. A few minutes in the salon chair, a bit of courage and anything other than “the usual” can help you achieve something that can change your appearance and help you look your best with the right hairstyle. It might sound like a huge risk, that is why we here have a variety of hairstyles that you can try and match with your preference and style. Every year, tons of new hairstyles come and go, but only a few manage to stay and grace the heads of several men. Few of the classics that have been loved my people are still on the trend list and are expected to stay further in the next upcoming years. The next time you pay a visit to your barber and are confused about what new hairstyle you should try, instead of the boring usual hairstyle, then take a look at 10 of these top hairstyles you need to try in 2019. Without further ado, let’s get right into the details of these amazing trendy hairstyles,

#1 The Undercut

The undercut has been on the top of the list since 2018 and has been loved by many males and can be sported by several celebrities of different ages. This hairstyle has been most famous among teenagers and young adults. It still is a top trend among the South Korean idols and singers. The undercuts are very easy to handle due to the minimal amount of hair on the sides that you rarely have to pay attention to. This hairstyle helps you appear younger and sexier and can be easily handled with hair pomade or gel.

The Undercut

#2 The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour has been loved since the 1990s with its eye-catching style. The hair with the volume on the top gradually recedes down to the back of the head. The longer hair on the top and short hair on the sides makes it the standard hairstyle for attractive men. The long length on the top lets you style it in several ways with gels or pomades and the short hair on the sides makes it easier for you to handle and take care of. You can just let the hair on top, loose or slick them back, it is all up to your liking. Pompadours are one of the most famous hairstyles of all time and are known to be loved and rocked by many well-known celebrities.

The Classic Pompadour

#3 The Good ol’ Quiff

This traditional hairstyle has been famous for its ability to make a man’s hair appear full of volume and thick. The hair is cut short from the sides and the longer hair on top is brushed to the front except for the very ends which are brushed back messily. A bit of wax, styling cream and pomade can be used to keep the hair in place. Nobody has ever sported these classic quiffs better than the legend Elvis Presley himself. This manly-stylish is also known as the evolution of crew cuts, the care-free hairstyle has everybody fawning over the boyish look and makes it seem like you are not high-maintenance.

The Good ol’ Quiff

#4 The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is basically the most comfortable haircut among all the hairstyles in the list mentioned here. It is quite literally the simplest of all as it has not much hair left on the head. This hairstyle consists of your head being shaven to the point where only half a centimeter of your hair is left. It is one of the most famous hairstyles among actors and other social media influencers. Celebrities like, Zayn Malik was seen sporting a buzz cut recently and everyone instantly fell in love with it. It is a near to no-maintenance hairstyle due to the extremely short length of the hair. You don’t even have to style it up or use gels and pomades to keep in place. All you have to do is get up and go.

The Buzz Cut

#5 The Crew Cut

The second most easily handled hairstyle in this list is the crew cut. A crew cut is basically the hairstyle where all your hair is equally leveled on your head. The front and the top are equal in length and are brushed back from the front. The sides and the back are cut a little short to give your head a bit of shape. This super casual hairstyle is suitable for all ages and can be styled in any way that is desired. You can either brush them from the front neatly while you are off for work or maybe you can messily let your fingers brush them back on a casual weekend outing, for a laid-back and carefree look. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that can be handled easily by applying a bit of gel on the front to keep the frizz under control.

The Crew Cut

#6 The French Crop

This hairstyle is either the typical bad boy look or the guy that almost everyone is attracted to. The haircut features a short length that is styled forward on top to create a small fringe. It almost gives you a boyish look, making you appear younger and fresher. If worn messily, this hairstyle can give your appearance an instant appealing glow. The hairstyle expertly frames your face and gives it a structured look while being comfortable due to the less amount and short length of the hair. The fades on the sides just make it easier for you to take care of.

#7 The Bald Head

Even though this hairstyle quite literally does not require hair, it would still be counted as one of the hairstyles because it manages to help you deal with your hair. The bald heads are a major classic as is it known to be the hairstyle where you feel the most comfortable and have literally nothing to worry about. You do not even have to get up in the morning early and use tons of products to keep your hair in place. All you have to do it get up, shower and your clean-shaven head are good to go, no hassle or efforts to make it look perfect.  Let your bold confidence shine and let everyone know that you don’t necessarily need hair to look absolutely perfect.

#8 The Side Part

The timeless classic from the 50s offers nothing but a properly professional and clean look. All you have to do is keep your hair parted from the side that you have chosen and keep them separated with gel or hair creams. The tapered cut on the side with the shorter hair, and the longer length of hair on the top makes it look classy and smart. It takes a decent amount and volume of hair to perfect the look. if you are a middle-aged man, keep in mind to get low fades because high fades are suitable amongst the younger generation. As the hair swept to the side is achieved by the scissor cut, so the hairstyle has a lot of texture to it. To get the carefree, laid-back look, it is preferred to keep your hair wavy from the top to make it appear slightly tousled.

The Side Part
Fresher Look

#9 The Fade Cut

Long hair had been known to be a symbol or rebels and rule-breakers and was known as the hairstyle for a man who does not care about his looks and self-grooming. The mid-length hair, with a bit of scissor magic, can be made into something in the middle of efforts and no efforts kind of hairstyle. This hairstyle is now a symbol or laid-back men who don’t really pay much attention to their hair but also take care of them when needed.

#10 The Messy Man Bob

This hairstyle has been driving women crazy all over the world. As described in the name, the hairstyle is basically just a bob cut for men, with a messy and tousled look to make it appear carefree. This hairstyle may take a bit of maintenance, as it requires thick and long hair that needs to be handled with care and treated properly often.

Now that you know all about the trendiest hairstyles of 2019, don’t forget to instruct your barber properly and show them what you exactly want. Don’t hesitate to alter the style according to your style or liking before you get it done. Try to be extremely specific with what you need so you can get your desired results. Choose the best hairstyle that is according to your style and personality, as well as your face shape and hair type, so you can look up to date and fashionable. We hope that these would help you on your way to looking your best and getting the perfect hairstyle this year.

The Messy Man Bob
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