5 Reasons why you need to Book a Fashion Stylist for your Big Event

No matter what the event is, whether it is the day you tie the knot, the day you mark your educational milestone of graduation, or are just celebrating your best friend’s baby shower, everybody wants to look the best and well-dressed according to the occasion. Some people assign the job of styling the right outfit to them, while others take a step further and go ahead to book professional fashion stylist to help them out.

However, many people do not consider this option, but it is quite helpful and a smart idea to get professional help when deciding a look for a big day, so you don’t have to compromise on your appearance and look absolutely perfect. Here are 5 reasons why you need to book a fashion stylist for your big event.

#1 Cut Down The Stress On The Big Event

When you are the spotlight of the event, you already have a lot to take care of to ensure everything goes right. Hiring a fashion stylist will help cut down at least the stress of deciding the right outfit for you according to the occasion.

#2 A Stamp Of Perfection On Your Look

Your fashion stylist will provide you with the professional help that you might need to put a stamp of perfection on your look, using their skill and learning to help you adjust any ups and downs and fitting in any needed modification.

#3 Discover Your True Style

If you aren’t really sure of what your style truly is, booking a professional fashion stylist will prove to be assisting here as well. They will introduce you to the various fashion styles according to different kinds of people and will be by your side in deciding the right one for you.

#4 A Variety Of The Best Options

Now that you have figured out your style, your fashion stylist will open up a variety of the best options for you according to your choice and preference, guiding you to getting the DOs and DON’Ts of styling just right.

#5 Remain Up To The Minute

A professional fashion stylist knows what’s going on in the world of fashion, and will bring to you the latest styles and trends so you can be updated accordingly and so that your style game can remain up to the minute.

Professional fashion stylists would be great help in making sure you look up to the mark and nothing short of totally wonderful on your big day, whether it is a wedding with a particular theme, celebrating a successful business deal, or prom night full of glamour, because that is what they do; they work to make sure to style the best look for you according to what suits you best and to the occasion. We hope that these 5 reasons why you need to book a fashion stylist or your big event will help you consider the option on your next big event!

Right Haircut According To Your Face Shape According To The Best Hairstylists

They say, “Invest in your hair, it is the crown that you never take off.” Quite right they are because a haircut really defines your face shape and contributes well in bringing out your facial shape. A good hairstyle can do wonders in completing and complimenting your face. That is the reason why it is necessary that you do a little research and are completely satisfied with your decision before you finally get a haircut because the one you get will stay with you for a good while. The wrong haircut can cause major failures and problems when it comes to styling your hair. For your ease and satisfaction, we have made a list of the right haircut according to your face shape as mentioned by the best hairstylists.

#1 Round Face Shape

For a round face shape, a haircut that gives off the illusion of cutting down on the width will work best. This kind of style makes the face look framed, so its best to go for such a haircut. A layered haircut is the most preferable option.

#2 Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape is a pretty great option because it is a very versatile shape on which quite a lot of haircuts or hairstyles suit quite well. For example, the classic short bangs, or an asymmetrical hairstyle has been the choice of many people with oval face shape.

#3 Square Face Shape

It is said that with a square shaped face, the best option is to go for a hairstyle that brings out the edges of the face and brings light and definition to the jawline. A popularly loved hairstyle for this face shape is a lob style; framing bangs are also a preference for square face shape.

#4 Heart Face Shape

Faces with a heart shape are more favored by such hairstyles that are more defined or, let’s say, voluminous at the beginning. The reason is that this style frames the heart shape pretty nicely, whether your hair is long or short.

#5 Long or Oblong Face Shape

The oblong or long face shapes work best with haircuts that go along with the defining points of the shape. For instance, an angled bob cut, whether sharp or soft, will be a gorgeous compliment to oval face shapes. The simple middle part is a great style for long face shapes too.

All the best and the skilled talented hairstylists agree and strongly recommend that you go through the right tips and guidelines about getting the right haircut so that you do not go about regretting the decision for the next few months. Your face shape contributes greatly when it comes to getting the right haircut, so here we have compiled a little guide to help you choose the right haircut according to your face shape with tips from the best hairstylists. So if you are about to get that dramatic change, make sure it’s fabulous!

Skin Care Tips to Prevent Aging

Do you ever look at those gorgeous models on the magazines and wonder how they never age? After a lot of research, you end up finding that it is all due to surgeries and expensive treatments. We are here to help you achieve flawless, healthy-looking skin. The thought of having fresh and youthful skin even at the age of 40, can be quite exciting. It may sound a little difficult to achieve but it’s really not. Maybe the key to getting healthier looking skin could be as close as your kitchen pantry or your bathroom counter. Using the right products and tips for anti-aging can make quite the difference. Here are a few effortless and cheap tips on how you can prevent aging.

#1 Anti Aging Serums

Anti-aging serums can be very helpful in preventing your skin from aging and forming wrinkles. The No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum contain Hyaluronic Acid which helps harden your skin to stop it from sagging and protects it from the environmental stress. Anti-aging serums help the skin recover and stay healthy. Just apply the serum on the right time and you will have healthier looking, wrinkle-less skin in no time. 

#2 Egg White Face Masks

Egg whites are actually super useful for your skin as they tighten your skin, helps clear pores and brightens up your skin. All you have to do is whip up 1-2 eggs and apply them to your face with a brush, a cotton ball or just your fingers, gently. Let it sit for 20 minutes and relax. Wash thoroughly with water. There you go; you can now easily enjoy your tighter looking skin with this super simple hack.

#3 Sunscreen Is The Key

Sunscreen is a must if you like staying out in the sun. The sun damages your skin and causes discoloration and age spots to appear on your skin. Sunscreen with SPF 30, if slathered properly all over your body, will protect your skin from aging and the harmful sun rays. 

#4 Moisturize Thoroughly

Moisturizing is the most important thing to do when you want to prevent your skin from aging. Moisturizing thoroughly will keep your skin soft and healthy. Dried skin will cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear, which is why moisturizing is essential. The moisturizer traps the water into your skin and helps make it appear more youthful. 

#5 Exfoliate Weekly

If you exfoliate your skin weekly, it will prevent the skin from getting damaged by all the impurities. Exfoliating washes all the dirt particles from your skin and keeps it fresh and healthy. 

Now that you know of these super-effective tips and tricks to prevent your skin from aging, don’t forget to follow them regularly to get your desired results. Try them all and choose the most effective one for yourself. Let the tricks work for a few days so that you can get the best out of them. We hope that these helpful ways will help you in your road to having healthy, young and refreshing skin.

Questions You Should Ask Your Hairstylist/Barber

Getting the perfect hairstyle when you visit your hairstylist or barber can be quite difficult as you always end up causing problems and making mistakes in either giving instructions or the hairstylist not really understanding what you need. There are some misunderstanding you need to clear and some questions you need to ask before you get a haircut. So if you are confused about what to ask your barber the next you visit the salon, this is the right place for you. Here are a few easy and simple questions that are a must for you to ask your hairstylist/barber before getting any kind of treatment or haircut,

#1 What are your qualifications?

This is the most important questions to ask your hairstylist because it is necessary to know if your hairstylist has a permit to perform any kind of treatment or haircut on your hair. You need to know if the hairstylist is qualified and capable of giving you the right haircut. It is important to confirm that the hairstyle would not mess up anything and knows what they are doing.

#2 What would look better on me?

You can also ask for preference from the barber/hairstylist about what hairstyle would suit your face shape perfectly. The hairstylist would have experience and would have the idea of what hairstyles suit better on the specific face shapes. They could recommend a better-looking style just by looking at your face.

#3 Can you take a picture?

Ask your barber if they can take a picture of your haircut after they are done so that it can help you in future when you need the exact same haircut. It will be hard for you and the hairstylist/barber to remember all the details and look of the hairstyle for the next visit, so just capture the haircut in your camera so that you can show your hairstylist how it looked like the last time. 

#4 What products are you using?

One of the most important questions to ask before you get anything done on your hair is about the details of the products that are being used on you.  You need to ask what is being applied on your hair so that you would know if you are allergic or not. By knowing this you can also see if the products are high quality, healthy for your hair or according to your needs. 

#5 What do you mean?

Ask the hairstylist what they exactly mean, while they describe their action or explain what they will be performing on your hair as they have their own different terminology which is probably too hard for you to understand. So don’t hesitate and ask what they meant by the specific term.

Now that you know of these important questions to ask, don’t forget to ask each and every one of them. It all might sound a bit annoying but it is very important to ask these questions or else you might end up either messing up the hairstyle or not getting what you want. Don’t hesitate to clear any confusion up. Use these as a guide on the road to getting the perfect haircut. Reference:

Effortless Makeup Upgrades On The Go

We all know that quite a large number of the world’s population prefers a little bit of makeup to enhance and brighten their features. Why would they not, it’s a quick and colorful method to touch up your look. Although, some people have falsely understood makeup, and think that makeup must take at the least a couple of hours to get done and is therefore not worth all the time and effort. Totally not true. There are numerous tips and tricks of makeup that will help you brighten up your look in no time. So for those of you who would like to include a little makeup in their appearance but are always in a rush, we have gathered here a few effortless makeup upgrades for when you are on the go.

#1 Protection and Tint In One

For when you would like to even your skin out for a balanced look, the best option is to go for a tinted moisturizer or a tinted sunscreen cream so that you can treat your skin with hydration and protection, and even the skin out with the tint.

#2 A Swipe of Freshness:

Just got up to go to work and you are looking more than a little dead? Worry not, just grab your mascara and swipe on a fresh layer for an instant uplift in your appearance, giving you a more awake and bright look in no time at all!

#3 Make Your Face Glow

This little trick is for when you have done little makeup just like you prefer but there is just something not quite enough about the look. This is where your highlighter swoops in so you can add that glow to your face, keeping it as bright as the occasion requires.

#4 Add A Little Bit Of Color

For a dramatic upgrade, swipe some color onto your lips which will cancel out that dull-ish look from your face. You can keep the color as light or dark as you like.

#5 Brush Some Life On To Your Face

Brush some blush on to your face for an immediate rosy glow to your face which will give you a bright and alive look without having to put in a lot of effort.

Doing your makeup does not always have to take a huge chunk out of your time. If you just know the right tips and tricks, you can make doing makeup your best friend who will always be there to freshen up and brighten up your face. Check out these super cool and totally handy makeup hacks that will help you achieve the perfect makeup look for every occasion and will save you a bunch of time, especially when you are a little tight on time like rushing to work early in the morning and would like to enhance your face up a little but time doesn’t allow so. So step back from the fear of spending hours on makeup with these on the go makeup upgrades!

5 Things To Know Before You Book A Barber

Let’s say that you have decided to get a haircut, and rightfully, of course, you do not want to just rush into getting any haircut.

The decision stays for quite a while so we understand that you would not want a bad decision gracing your head for a few months. The best way to avoid that is to consult a hairstylist or a barber before you decide to finally step into that commitment. Although, there are quite a few things that you should confirm and finalize before you book a barber to take care of your hair so that afterward you are completely satisfied with the results, knowing that the one doing all the cutting and styling to your hair is skilled enough to be trusted.

To easily find such a barber with trustable skill and talent, the RingMyBarber app is sure to be a great help, enabling you to easily connect with polished hairstylists so that you can have an impressive haircut. Here are 5 things to know before you book a barber.

#1 Make Sure The Barber Is Professional:

Choosing a barber who clearly knows what he is doing is definitely a safe option and a necessity. If they mess up, go a little up or down with what you wanted, the mess is probably gonna stay for a while, so make sure the barber is professional and confident with their work.

#2 Best Make Yourself Clearly Understood:

If you have already chosen what you want to be done with your hair, make sure that you have come across clear and well to your barber so that they have a good idea of your requirements, being able to perform it precisely.

#3 Does The Barber Meet Your Requirements?

It is, of course, necessary to confirm if the barber that you are considering to book for your own hairdo, actually knows and is practiced in what you want as your haircut or hairstyle.

#4 Have A Look At Their Past Work:

Checking out the works of the barber in consideration is best because it will give you a good idea of their skill and experience so you know whether to trust them with their hair or not.

#5 Lastly, Affordability Is Important To Consider:

Talent and skill come with a good payment, and rightfully so, therefore it would be handy to check that your pocket can afford what the barber you’re choosing charges for their work. The investment will be worth it because a haircut is quite some commitment.

Choosing a skilled barber is quite a necessary requirement when getting yourself a haircut so that the results will leave you content and satisfied instead of regretting the cut every day for quite a few months.

The RingMyBarber app will provide you with the ease of finding good barbers and hairstylists without any hassle so that you can have just the right style for your hair.

Make sure you know those 5 important tips before you book a barber, so the end results turn out just how you want.

Lip Color Trends You Need To Checkout In 2019

With a new year comes a wave of new fashion and makeup trends that make us want to renew our wardrobes and vanities completely.

However, when it comes to lip color trends each year, we don’t need to do much this year. All you need to do is grab a few bold lipsticks and find new ways to give a twist to your old lipsticks. The year of 2019 is all about being bold and comfortable no matter how avant-garde our look is.

So if you’re looking for ways to renew your style by changing up your lip color habits, here are 10 crazy lip color trends you need to check out in 2019.

#1 Neon Lips:

Neon lips are bold, outspoken, and eye catching, which are all things you need to nail the perfectly trendy 2019 look that will drop everyone’s jaws. They are a striking change we can all vouch for.

#2 Glitter Lips:

Glitter lips are almost never inappropriate; they add a touch of glamour and fun to your whole look while making sure you look classy and perfectly on trend.

#3 Nude Lips:

Nude lips are a classic that the world just can’t let go of, which is why they added a twist to revamp this trend for 2019. Nude lips with a more intense or toned down the color of your skin are the new wave that has taken the world by storm.

#4 Coral Lips:

Since Living Coral has been declared the color of the year, it’s only natural for the soft and beautiful shade to be incorporated in our latest makeup trends for a sweet and easy going look.

#5 Goth Lips:

A striking black lipstick is something every woman needs in her makeup collection because some days, soft and light shades just don’t work.

#6 Fuchsia Lips:

Pair this bright pink shade with a swipe of lip gloss to brighten up a dark day and feel summery and confident all year round.

#7 Two Toned Lips:

We all know two is better than one, so why not follow that saying when it comes to lipstick as well? Two Toned Lips are the epitome of uniqueness especially when utilized the right way.

#8 Metallic Lips:

Metallic lips are the new craze that has taken the world by storm due to its futuristic and striking touch which is the perfect cherry on top of a modern and minimalistic makeup look.

#9 Hollywood Lips:

Taylor Swift was right; the red lip classic will never go out style, specifically because of the way it renews our memories of Old Hollywood when a glossy red lip was every high end celebrity’s go-to look.

#10 Glossy Lips:

Matte lips are a thing of last year since glossy lips are all you need now for an innocent and sophisticated look.

Speak your mind fearlessly with these bold lip color trends all through 2019 and you’ll be the talk of the town in no time.

The Difference Between Self-Employed and Employed – Booth Rental Business

Hairstyling dates back in the era of the ancient Egyptians and was used as a tool for kings and queens to showcase their beauty. It became a profession for slaves of royal families and a means of living for others. Over the past decades, hairstyling has revolutionized, giving birth to a fast-growing beauty industry with thousands of professionals being born every day. In the world of today, the high-level needs of the services and skills of the hairstylist, make this profession known worldwide giving rise to job opportunities and sky rocking the world employment rate. However, the job market is of high competition and requires satisfactory technological advanced tool in order to survive and keep up with the ever challenging beauty industry. Today, such realization can be achieved with the use of technological advanced tools such as Ring My Stylist application.

Ring My Stylist is application software which serves as an effective ingredient with the purpose of bringing client and hairstylist closer than ever. Many people are confused when it comes to the booth rental business for the hairstylist. They think it’s all about working in a salon and getting paid. However, we came up with the following guided information to help you fully understand the difference between self-employed and employed hairstylist in the booth rental business.


Are you a stylist and have always wanted to be in full control of your own business? Or have you ever wanted to be your own boss where you run and operate all aspects of your organization individually? Or have you ever wanted to be your own boss where you run and operate all aspects of your organization individually?

If yes, then being an independently licensed stylist also known as a non-payroll independent contractor will be the ideal job. This means you are responsible for paying taxes, making savings, promoting your services, providing products and building your own relationship with clients. In other words, to make this a success, you must be an excellent stylist satisfying client on a regular base and also a very good business person. Many self-employed booth rental stylists always have this challenge of booking appointments with their clients. That is, either clients are overbooked or they get disappointed when the style explain was not understood by the stylist. To avoid such an unprofessional act, it is important to always book appointments with clients. This can be achieved by using the easy self-reliable application software called Ring My stylist


The employed-rental stylist also known as a payroll employee is hired to work in a salon by a manager.  This means you will be directed and supervised by your manager or employer and paid according to the number of hours at work. You may be fired by your employer if you do not work according to his rules and you are not responsible for making appointments with clients except to tell by your manager. Providing products and tools and making tax payments are the full responsibility of the manager.

However, being a stylist in any of the above working conditions, still requires high class professionalism and expertise to win over clients.

We believe the above information will guide you and erase any confusion regarding this job discipline.  

Brow Shaping

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are the window frames. The shape of your brows plays a major role in the way your face appears. They frame your facial features in a way that defines a lot about your personality. Getting your brows shaped in accordance with your face and eye shape is quite necessary. So, here is a complete guide on how to determine the best shape for your eyebrows and what to look for when you are getting your brows done.

#1 Add Ad Arch To Define Your Face:

A sharp brow arch can work wonders in defining the shape of your face if you have rounded features. Do not go for a natural brow shape if your face shape is round as it can make it look rounder. With a defined brow shape, you can make your facial features sharper and more contoured special when it comes to the area around the eyes.

 #2 Remember They Are Cousins, Not Twins:

If we would ask you to stick to any rule in this world, it will be to remember the fact that your eyebrows are cousins and not twin sisters. Making your brows look completely identical can take away the natural look from your face. Just wax the extra hair around your brows to make them look like a neat pair of cousins, beautifully framing your face.

#3 The Sanitization Of The Tools Is Important:

Ok, so this point should never be ignored. The area around your eyes is quite sensitive and can be easily affected when comes in contact with unsanitary tools. While your brow hair is being waxed or threaded, the pores on the skin around your eyes get opened and are vulnerable to dangerous infections. When you are getting your brows done, make sure that the tools being used on you are clean and sanitized.

#4 Make Sure Your Stylist Is Trained:

Booking an independent stylish or rushing to the nearest salon to get your brows done is easy. However, one thing you need to make sure before anyone touches your brows is that your stylist needs to be certified from a proper institute. If the stylist is not trained, consult someone else who has and experience in this process.

#5 Apply Soothing Lotion When You’re Done:

Threading or waxing your brows can hurt, we know. It can sometimes bleed as well if the proper tools and techniques are not used. Make sure to apply a soothing lotion or gel post threading or waxing to relax the skin your eyes and eyebrows. You will thank us later for this tip. You can also treat your brows by applying castor oil or brow growth serum for better-looking brows.

It is recommended that you get your eyebrows shaped professionally because it is a risky job. You can easily book yourself a highly trained professional for your eyebrows from www.ringmystylist.com to add life to your brows.

The Ultimate Guide To Your Perfect Wedding Manicure and Pedicure

That special someone of yours finally asked you that question that you have secretly been hoping for, and now you have a pretty ring gleaming on your finger. But hold on, that does not mean that its going to be just wedding bells, dress fitting, and cake tasting with your best friends like it is in the romantic novels or shown in the movies. Wedding preparation calls for a whole lot more of running around and struggles, in an effort to get everything spotlessly perfect for your big day. Naturally, all the hard work can wear you down, and you just can’t look tired and worn out on your special day, can you? You need all the energy and health that you can get to own the spotlight at your wedding. To help out with that, we have got the ultimate guide to your perfect wedding manicure and pedicure so you can have beautiful, strong, and healthy hands and feet on your wedding day.

#1 Make Sure To Get It At The Right Times:
Make sure that you have started getting the treatments for your hands and feet at least 2-3 months before your wedding so that they can absorb maximum health and freshness till the special day.

#2 Try To Get The Right Amount of Sessions:
Try that you get manicure and pedicure sessions at the least twice a month for the greatest results, so you have the prettiest hands rocking and showing off the prettiest ring.

#3 Get A Dip Or Gel Manicure for Best Results:
For an absolutely gorgeous set of nails to complement the ring that ties it all together and the dress of the occasion, getting a dip or gel manicure 2 or 3 days before the big day is the best option so the color doesn’t chip off or fade away till the big moment.

#4 Keep It Wedding Appropriate:
Weddings usually call for a sophisticated type of makeover that includes the right type of fingernails and toenails. Its best to keep it wedding appropriate, which means cutting down on the access glitter or appliqués.

#5 Don’t Forget To Moisturize:
Manicures and pedicures are a must have for healthy and beautiful hands and feet, but that’s not all. Remember to moisturize them frequently to keep them hydrated.

Wedding bells are ringing not too far away and that calls for a ton of preparations, effort, and struggle. Other than all the venue decorations, food preparations, and making the guest list, you need some extra special love and care for your body too. These are the steps that you need to know and apply to have the right treatment for your hands and your feet so they can look fresh and healthy on your wedding day and awe every guest there as you confidently walk down the aisle. For total convenience, check out RingMyStylist app to book the nearest and the best manicurist and pedicurist to make your big day even more special.